Wouter van Schaik

Smidsgilde 6
3994 BJ Houten
The Netherlands

Born: September the 5th 1981
Enschede, The Netherlands

Education in Arts

2009 – 2011 
Master of Fine Arts Fine Arts Sandberg Institute Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2011 – 2013 
Bachelor in Teaching Fine Art And Design First Degree HKU Utrecht, The Netherlands

2005 – 2009 
Bachelor of Fine Arts Sculpture+ AKI, (ArtEZ) Academy of Visual Arts Enschede, The Netherlands

Special experience

Public Art 
Art project in Kanaleneiland with inhabitants, Mitros and Gemeente Utrecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands. (2012)

Xiamen University
Work and research project at Xiamen University, Xiamen, China. (2011)

Initiator and executor for a group exhibition at W139 with Sandberg students, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. (2009, 2010)

 Work period at EKWC (Europees Keramisch Werk Centrum), Den Bosch, The Netherlands. (2009) Erasmus Program Study exchange at Sint Lucas Academy of Visual Arts at the Fine Arts department, Gent, Belgium. (2008)

Internship at the sculpture artist Gijs Assmann, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. (2007)

Member of the organisation of AKI/ArtEZ-Festival 2007, Enschede, The Netherlands. The AKI/ArtEZ-Festival is a four day during cultural festival with presentations, art, music and artists. (2006, 2007)

Glass Workshops 
Glass workshops at ‘Van Tetterode’ in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. (2006, 2007)

Bronze Workshops
Scottish Sculpture Workshop, Lumsden, United Kingdom and a workshop at Beeldenstorm, Eindhoven, The Netherlands (2006, 2007)


Rabobank Utrecht 
Group exhibition at Rabobank Utrecht, Utrecht and Harmelen, The Netherlands (2014)

CC: Casco Concreet 
Group exhibition at Casco Concreet, Utrecht, The Netherlands. (2013/2014)

Landgoed Anningahof 
Group exhibition at Landgoed Anningahof, Zwolle, The Netherlands. (2013)

Galerie Vriend van Bavink 
Group exhibition at NAT/Galerie Vriend van Bavink, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (2013)

Mitros/Gemeente Utrecht
Solo exhibition at the Pearsonlaan, Mitros, Utrecht, The Netherlands. (2012)

Group exhibition at Machinehuis Westergasfabriek ‘Haften’, Amsterdam. (2012)

Group exhibition at the centre of Hengelo, ‘Heartpool’, Hengelo, The Netherlands (2012)

Landgoed Anningahof 
Group exhibtion at Landgoed Anningahof, Zwolle, The Netherlands (2012)

 Group exhibition at Rabobank Utrecht, Utrecht and Harmelen, The Netherlands (2012)

Solo exhibition at Polderlicht / Galerie de Inkijk, Amsterdam, the Netherlands (2011)

De Service Garage 
Graduation exhibition of the Sandberg Institute in De Service Garage, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (2011)

Landgoed Anningahof 
Group exhibition at Landgoed Anningahof, Zwolle, The Netherlands (2011)

Xiamen Cultural And Art Centre 
Group exhibition at the Xiamen Cultural And Art Centre, Xiamen, China (2011)

Group exhibition at the art gallery gCS (Cultural Speech), Amsterdam, The Netherlands (2011)

Group exhibition ‘We Will Never Know For Sure’ at W139, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (2011) Delta Lloyd Solo exhibition in the exhibition space from Delta Lloyd insurances, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (2011)

Solo exhibition in the exhibition space from OHRA insurances, Arnhem, The Netherlands (2010)

Group exhibition at ‘The Human Condition’ at P.ART, Zwolle and KiK, Nijeveen, The Netherlands (2010)

R.C. de Ruimte 
Group exhibition at ‘De Piramide van IJmuiden’ at R.C. de Ruimte, IJmuiden, The Netherlands (2010)

Art Pie 
Group exhibition at the Kunst Vlaai / Art Pie, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (2010)

Group exhibition at ‘Het Maliehuis Museaal’ at the Maliehuis, Utrecht, The Netherlands (2010)

Kunstvereniging Diepenheim 
Group exhibition ‘Preludium 2′ at Kunstvereniging Diepenheim, The Netherlands (2010)

Group exhibition ‘Lichting’ 2009 at Artots, Melkfabriek, Den Bosch, The Netherlands (2009) Delta Lloyd Group exhibition ‘Oostenwind’ by Delta Lloyd, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (2009)

Tuinen Mien Ruys 
Group exhibition at Tuinen Mien Ruys, Dedemsvaart, The Netherlands (2009)

Final examination exhibition at the AKI Academy of Visual Arts, Enschede, The Netherlands (2009)

Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens 
Group exhibition at Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens (MDD), Deurle, Belgium (2008)

Sint Lucas Academy of Visual Arts
Group exhibition at Sint Lucas Academy of Visual Arts Gent, Belgium (2008)

Group exhibition at Kongsi, Enschede, The Netherlands (2006)

Group exhibition at an art manifestation from ArteSwa, Nijmegen, The Netherlands (2006)

Art Collections

Gemeente Utrecht/Mitros
Delta Lloyd

15 private collections